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I’m confused. Isn’t it the same group of people who complain about “man-made”, “non-natural”, stuff the same people who are opposed to people wearing leather and fur clothing?

What clothing could be more natural that something made from a freshly clubbed baby seal? I mean, they didn’t even use a chemically powered piece of mined lead to harvest the fur. The only way it could be much more natural is if they were to wring the seals neck with their bare hands and skin it using their teeth.


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  1. Consistency of principle has never been a strong point of those on that side of the mental spectrum.

  2. In order to be a positional ideologue one must be able to believe in contradictory statements.

    All life is precious. Except fetuses for progresives. Except for inmates, terrorists, etc for conservatives.

    Anything sexual between two consenting adults is fine. Until money is transacted for it, then somehow it becomes immoral and exploitive and illegal, evidently for both parties.

    And sometimes it isn’t even a contradiction, just blatant hypocrisy.

    For conservatives, ethanol is great for red states because of corn subsidies. But government subsidies are bad by red ideology.

    For liberals, Obamacare was supposed to lower prices and increase access to care, but from California to Harvard, the bluest of the blue all assumed “someone else was going to pay for it.”

    When someone is an idealogue, no matter how they rationalize their positions, the contradictions and hypocrisy are not rational.

  3. Kind of like how electricity is bad when you power your air conditioning, but good if used to charge an electric car.

  4. I lamented killing baby seals for use of their fur until the day, at the Baltimore Acquarium, that I got to feel a fur seal pup’s pelt for the first time.

    Baby fur seal fur makes mere mink feel like steel wool.

    There is a reason it is so highly prized, and that reason it is a wonderfully soft and delightful to touch fur.

    Almost makes me want to try some whale meat, just to see if I’ve been misled on that, too.

  5. If an Eskimo woman wrings a seal’s neck with her bare hands and skins it with her teeth, she’s awesome, a strong sister, spiritually in touch with the Earth and with her heritage. If a Euro-white man does the same exact thing, he’s a disgusting sicko, a greedy wanton thrill-killer profiteer who’s destroying nature as a way of inflating his injured ego. It can probably be taken as conclusive proof that he has a small penis also. I thought everyone knew that.

  6. I’m all natural by wearing man made polymer fabrics created of processed hydrocarbons feedstock made in vast polluting oil refineries.

    I hunted with folks from Newfoundland who had harvested seal pup furs. They said it off set the damage to their fishing nets that adult seals caused. When they banned the limited seal pup harvest, the just started shooting the adult seals.

    • Action, reaction. Happens every time. When a man sees his livelihood threatened, he does what he has to do. And the only people who are ever surprised are the city-dwellers with zero hard contact with the natural environment they hold so dear.

  7. I keep thinking about setting up a little company to take advantage of two cults: the “all natural” one, and the “healing power of magnets” one. Sell magnetic bracelets — all natural lodestone.

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