Very telling

I find it very telling this anti-gun “Public Service Video” appears to advocate an activity similar to those practiced by youth organizations in countries like the USSR and Nazi Germany—spying on and turning your parents in to the authorities.

And that doesn’t even include all the crimes committed both in the making of the video and those enacted.

This is the model they envision for the path to their utopia.

Other viewpoints include:

Update: Another way to demonstrate how this is wrong is to replace the gun with a religious book. Do you turn steal constitutionally protected objects from people to give to authority figures?


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  1. Yeah, kid grabs gun, and takes it to school. They are going to get someone killed. But hey, they get their dead kid, and that’s all that matters.

  2. Already reported the video to youtube as advocating illegal and (more importantly) potentially fatal behavior. BTW, did you notice the “gun” is a Crosman BB pistol?

    • Why any sane person would have their children go to a public school , er indoctrination center, today is simply mind boggling.

      I keep telling people to sacrifice whatever is necessary to homeschool their children, or wind up with little Komsomol bots in their midst.

      • For most people, it’s an economic necessity. Both parents have to work to make ends meet, because taxes are so high… mostly to fund government schools, ironically. Private schools are just to much additional cost, and regulations help to keep them that way.

  3. How about Mom and Dad’s Weed stash and rolling papers?

    Goes even double for the states that have legalized or decriminalized in one way or another.

    Also isn’t it nice that the CHILD is the authority figure in this case. We’ve seen that before

    Next a PSA on how teeth brushing is hokum. Video Games and Candy are the best for growing bodies, and early bedtimes stunt your growth!

  4. Think about it objectively – the kid just ruined his own life.
    1 – he’ll get arrested and expelled for bringing a gun to school.
    2 – police will get a warrant to search his house for more guns. They will take all the guns, magazines, ammo, targets, gun safes they can find. They might also take computers, cash, jewelry as evidence.
    3 – 50/50 chance of parents being arrested for not having the gun secured.
    4 – whatever his parents had saved for his college/trade school tuition, now goes to bail and lawyers.
    5 – the school will interrogate and ‘counsel’ his friends, disrupting their school schedule and harassing them, with the intentional result that the kid will be ostracized and hated.

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  6. Actually, someone should make an almost identical video using a bible or koran.

      • Tobacco isn’t constitutionally protected. To me, at least, that makes a big difference. It’s still theft and should be punished but it still isn’t as big a deal to me.

  7. Is this a genuine PSA? If the kid is trained well enough with guns to know that he should put his finger beside the slide when handling the gun, I can’t see him being convinced of the evilness of guns to turn his parents in a la that famous fictional Soviet boy in the 30’s.

  8. No surprise that the gun bigots are telling kids to break the law. Remember Biden’s “fire a shotgun through the door” advice? A guy in Michigan who did just that was recently convicted of second degree murder.

    OK, the facts are rather more complex than one sentence can accurately describe. He was woken by a young woman peeking in his window and pounding on his door, apparently hard enough to break the screen door. She could have been seeking help after an auto accident, except she’d left her car a mile away and four hours earlier. That was after several fender-benders in a row; she was quite inebriated with multiple substances, and it’s not clear if she was fleeing the scene because she knew she’d be arrested, or just so out of it that she didn’t know what she was doing.

    So this guy was awoken by a loud drunk bashing his house – or possibly a crowd of them, because the noises were moving. He did not want to turn on the lights and confirm that he was home. He could not find his cell phone in the dark, but did find a shotgun. He opened the front door, caught a glimpse of something lunging from the side, and fired through the screen door reflexively.

    And then he screwed up a pretty good self-defense case by talking to the cops. He told them “it was an accident” and “I didn’t know the gun was loaded.” (What kind of fool opens the door while holding an _empty_ gun?!?)

    But his biggest problem is that at some point while I wasn’t watching them, the Michigan legislature redefined such accidents as 2nd degree murder, with a maximum of life with the possibility of parole. If he’d said that he’d made sure the gun was loaded, filled his pockets with spare ammo, opened the door to find out whether it was some sort of attack or some severely disoriented person in need of help, and fired because it looked like an attack, he’d have been in the clear legally – possibly facing crushing legal expenses, especially since there was a racial element and a political prosecution would have been likely, but the facts quite well supported self-defense. Until he opened his mouth…

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