Speaker at I-594 Rally for Your Rights

Yesterday I was asked if I would be a speaker at the rally against I-594 on January 15th. I agreed and today they announced it.

Don’t let this stop you from showing up and supporting the movement to rid our state of this unconstitutional law. Confirm your attendance here.


8 thoughts on “Speaker at I-594 Rally for Your Rights

  1. Would love to show up, but have been informed by my county that I’m on Jury Duty that week.

    I wonder if attending a pro-gun rally would be enough of an excuse to not go? Shoot, would probably get me disqualified 🙂

    • My all time favorite “get out of jury duty” excuse is, “The voices in my head told me it was a good day to stay home and clean my guns.”

  2. Be sure to wear that hat again. I am straight but I love it when I guy can pull off a nice hat.

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