Where are Bloomberg, Brady, etc. now?

After all the Ferguson shooting “protests”, property damage, injuries, and general mayhem from all the people coast to coast why aren’t Bloomberg, Moms Demand, The Brady Campaign, and the other violence prevention groups speaking out? They usually are dancing in the blood before it has even had time to cool. If they were as interested in preventing violence in general as they are with preventing “gun violence” they would be demanding the repeal of the First Amendment and an end to open government.

If we had a government truly doing it’s job in violence prevention when Wilson shot his attacker they would have brought in a sanitation crew that would have cleaned up the mess and confiscated any video that showed up. Then, as needed, they would have brought in for “questioning” anyone that said anything about the incident. That’s what the Gulags are for. It should be a police matter and not a citizen concern. Those common sense, reasonable changes to our laws would prevent almost all violence of this nature.

That these groups aren’t demanding that sort of infringement on the First Amendment tells you something about them. It tells you they are hypocrites and/or they know they need to destroy the Second Amendment before they can move on to the First Amendment.

I am inclined to believe it is a matter of destruction of the Second before the First Amendment. This is because they aren’t demanding changes in the law with regard to the police shooting someone. They apparently don’t have a problem with the police possession of guns. They just don’t want private citizens to have guns. Guns in the possession of police will come in handy when they move on to infringing the First Amendment.


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  1. That’s pretty much it, only it’s worse. The culture that tries to pass laws to harass peaceable gun owners is the one that organized many of these “protests” that they knew would become violent. It also wants you and me to call for the restrictions on the first amendment ourselves. In fact it’s counting on it. It figures we’ll get so fed up that in our anger and disgust, hate, and frustration we’ll be begging for the first amendment curtailments.

    That’s the “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out” strategy that Soros and his comrades like Van Jones have mentioned. Obama and his justice department are right there with them. With the degraded state of our society, they’ll very likely succeed, though it may take a while yet. It’s worked before. They know what they’re doing. They’ll have us working hard to give our enemies the power to destroy us, much the same way that the party of the KKK now has 90% of the black vote in this country while millions of black Americans live with less real hope than they had 50 years ago, most black kids grow up without fathers, and they’re killing each other in the Progressive-run cities. That’s just the test case. They have the blueprint. We’re next.

  2. Point(s).

    Anyone that does not believe that civilian disarmament is a precursor to a totalitarian state “of the people” is a fool. The push to disregard the Electoral College is just another step on the path to “democracy” which is the highly anticipated dictatorship of the popular voter, bought by the Progressives and paid for by all of us courtesy of the nitwits in the GOP leadership.

    On the bright side, I believe that “the system” will implode before then either through the weight of itself on a thoroughly rotten structure or a shove from an external source. Then we can get on with a restoration in “our” areas.

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  4. I thought the issue in Ferguson is police power, not guns. Originally, it was about shooting someone unarmed, but it morphed when the police started showing up in military equipment arresting journalists sitting in McDonalds.

    • If that were the case then why did things get so ugly after the grand jury came back with their verdict?

      I have a problem with the police or private citizens harassing anyone peaceably exercising any of their rights. Arresting journalists peaceably sitting in McDonalds with permission of the owners warrants peaceful protests and/or civil action.

  5. Well the CSGV posted a bunch of MLK quotes quickly consumed by their supporters calling for all firearm owners to be arrested, etc. They then flooded their page w/ anecdotes on how stupid and dangerous firearm owners are.

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