10 thoughts on “Just one question about I-594

  1. Even without being able to read it, that’s a cool graphic.

    I don’t suppose there’s a direct link to a full-size, legible version someplace?

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  4. What does “Is the firearm always kept there [at the firing range]?” even mean? Does it mean that if the range sends the gun to a gunsmith to be repaired, rather than have the gunsmith visit the range, anyone who uses it ever after is breaking the law?

    I recently helped a Boy Scout camp vamp up their facilities, and I had the privelege of helping with the archery and rifle ranges, so this is on my mind: if the range closes for the winter, and the range owner brings the guns to his home (or to some office in the city) for safe-keeping, then do these guns fail the requirement that the firearm always be kept at the range?

    I’m not aware of current range practices: are there ranges store their guns off-range? If a gun range is out in the mountains (as one is in nearby Utah), it would make sense to me if even the rented guns aren’t kept there, particularly if the range itself is only open two or three days a week…

    I’d take some solace in the fact that this is law in Washington State, but not in Utah…except that Bloomburg and friends are determined to force this on all of us, one ballot initiative at a time, so technically Utah is in their sites as well….

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  6. Is there any thought to filming a commercial/web-vid that illustrates such a ‘breaking of the law’? I envision a series of different vids/scenarios that show a breaking of i594, in all their ho-hum glory. The only sign to the low-info voter that a crime has been committed will be the beginning text at the bottom that says as much, and outlines the penalties and sentences.
    Leave it up to the viewer to figure out where the crime was in the video- it’s probably something they do all the time and has nothing to do with what they were told they were voting to approve.
    This treatment could apply for all types of legislation sold via title alone.

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