Bomb help update

Early this morning I received the following email (name and email changed to protect the guilty):

From: XXX YYY []
Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2014 1:52 AM
Subject: removal of blog post

Dear Joe, I would like to ask you to remove a blog post concerning me ( relating to an old email address of mine while I was suffering badly from a nervous breakdown, depression, and various other mental illnesses due to prolonged physical  and psychological bullying. As I have moved on in my life now, I would like you to remove this post as it has many references to my name and email that has caused problems when finding jobs.

Thank you and kindest regards, XXX YYY

I didn’t remove the post but I did change the name and email address and sent him a polite reply wishing him well.


8 thoughts on “Bomb help update

  1. Good for the requester to do it this way rather than to try to use the idiotic new laws that the EU recently perpetrated, suppressing what little was left of free speech. (See “right to be forgotten” — which is of course a nonsensical concept, and perhaps that’s why it appeals to socialist politicians.)

    • And only utilized to any serious degree by criminals wishing their backgrounds to be scrubbed, so they may continue with their trade.

  2. You left sumdoods email addy in your messasge to Scotland Yard. Just thought you should know.

  3. After three years, this looks to my previously-trained eye to be a bad case of ego, nothing more. This person’s plea to you is full of liberal cover-speak. This sort of cover-speak is usually deployed by politicians caught in some sort of “flagrante-delicto” situation, we’ve all seen it before.

    There are two reasons a person would try this scrub of their past: either a therapist has recommended it (and likely written the cover-speak) or the person just can’t get by their past so as to be able to project more evil.

    The next request to you, Joe, will be to lift your ban.

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