Traumatic hair cuts

Barb was in downtown Seattle today and had an appointment to get her hair cut.

Fortunately it was at a different location and time than this incident:


There were six people injured and the structural integrity of the building was compromised.

Can you imagine laying back with someone shampooing your hair, you are all relaxed, and mellowed out then CRASH! The room explodes with broken glass, flying debris, a car zipping across the room, and the ceiling sags down toward you?

On this day there were advantages to being bald.


3 thoughts on “Traumatic hair cuts

  1. I was fortunate enough a few years back to be weekending with a girlfriend when a drunk driver smashed through my backyard fence, and hit my tiny home with enough force to move the rear household wall off the foundation and shift it almost three feet laterally!
    My insurance company bivoacked me in a condo during reconstruction. During that time, some thieves took it upon themselves to take my 800 pound safe, filled with personal mementos, papers, and firearms.
    It and the contents were never recovered.
    Fortunately, nothing inside, including credit cards, ever surfaced.
    I credit Fort Knox Safes.
    I suspect the vault is abandoned somewhere, still unopened.


    • I once had a book (now misplaced) entitled something like “how to be safe from burglars” written by an ex-burglar. One point it made is that safes are portable, up to 800 pounds or so, and need to be anchored to the building. It sounds like you were unlucky enough to get confirmation of that statement.
      As for “still unopened” — I would think probably not. A home safe can certainly be opened, if the thief has time and a few tools. Even substantial gun safes are rated “burglar resistant”. The very best are sometimes rated “Tool Resistant 15” or “..30” which means that in UL tests they have stayed closed in the face of expert attack for that number of minutes.

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