Gun cartoon of the day


Mr. Biden, two sides can play that game.

We are all very aware of your position on how to deal with the criminal use of guns. Does that mean politicians friendly to us should be able to pass or repeal laws or regulations without input from you and your ilk?

And if the cartoon was drawn from our perspective we would have you dancing with glee on the bodies and blood of children because of the increased opportunity to infringe upon our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. And that would be more accurate than how the NRA is portrayed in this cartoon.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. joe:

    i rather like the cartoon. if that is the way they see us, …. , well, good on that!!

    you remember harlon carter? i remember harlon carter. harlon carter would have liked that cartoon. remember when ronald reagan said he’d like to toss a nuke into the krelim through a window in the biffy? the rooskies took note.

    it is quite nice to know that they fear us. and, as well they should.

    john jay

    • Good point. In light of that, the cartoon shows us how the non-coper ternds to view the coper. It shows how a communist views a capitalist, and how a Nazi, a Klansman, Jessie Jackson, Reverened Wright, a Progressive or a Jihadist views a Jew. It’s how the sore loser views anyone he sees as being more successful. “It’s all HIS fault; He CHEATED! GET HIM!”

      It is a thousand words of victim mentality in one image. It’s blindness, ignroance, envy, frustration and fear turned into hate, blaming the object of its hate for its own insecurity as a means of absolving itself from any responsibility. It’s projected guilt.

      Careful we don’t do the same.

  2. It is anyone’s fault other than the perpetrator.

    Robbers and thieves love robbers and thieves.

    As Charles Manson said; It wasn’t his fault– Society’s faults made him do it. YOU made him do it. YOU DID IT! And now you need to “learn what it’s like” to be on the receiving end of your misdeeds. This is referred to as “Social Justice”.

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