Gun cartoon of the day


This is what they think of NRA supporters:

  • They are fat
  • They are dirty
  • They don’t know their right hand from their left
  • They don’t care about the lives of people

That makes them ignorant, prejudiced, bigots.


2 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. It also has a nice smattering of “All Statisticians are liars!” which shows the person who drew this cartoon, and those who republished it feel 100% confident in pushing policy on emotional grounds alone.

    Tho knowing what I know, this person probably sings praise of Kellerman and Wintermute, while getting spitting mad at those NRA shills the FBI, and the CDC…

  2. Since the statistics show that increased gun ownership and loosening of restrictions on carry are correlated with decreasing amounts of crime, I’ll pledge allegiance to them.

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