I’m not surprised

Of course the D.C. tyrants will not take the ruling on carry outside the home laying down:

The office of the Attorney General of DC issued a statement today saying they will ask for a stay of a judge’s ruling on gun rights so they can keep citizens from carrying handguns in public, while they decide if they are going to appeal the judges decision.


10 thoughts on “I’m not surprised

  1. I wonder how exactly that will go down.

    “Yerhonner, I know your ruling said that our arguments would not withstand any level of scrutiny… but would you mind if we kept doing what we were doing for another few months while we shop for a judge that doesn’t hold with this whole ‘rule of law’ malarkey?”

  2. What needs to happen is that 10s of thousands of people need to march in DC with holstered handguns. (Before a stay is issued pending appeal.)
    I’d drive down from PA for a day for that.

  3. Meanwhile, the DC Chief of Police has issued instructions to NOT arrest those that can legally carry.

    Of course, you have to prove that you can legally carry……

    • And, of course, the kicker – they’re not enforcing the law in question now, but they are taking names. Who wants to bet that if the circuit court reverses the decision, the DC police will go back and charge everyone they caught with a gun?

      I’ll stay in America until this shakes out, thanks.

  4. The anti-civil rights bigots will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future, whether they want to or not, just like the ones from the 60s.

  5. Of course they will Appeal! DC Politicians obeying the Constitution? Yeah, right.

    Besides, it’s not like it’s the Costs are coming out of their Individual Wallets. That’s what Taxpayers are for.

    I really don’t expect Palmer to be resolved before the 2015/2016 Supreme Court Session anyway.

    But if SCOTUS come down in Favor of Palmer in June 2016, I wonder what the Presidential Candidates will do? That should be Interesting.

    Let’s just hope the GOP doesn’t nominate an Anti-Gun RINO like Christie.

  6. If you have a strong pro-gun Congressman or Senator, get them to draft a letter to be signed by each and every member of Congress stating clearly whether they agree with Palmer or not. Congress can make this stick and it puts them on record prior to the mid-terms.

    • Indeed. Congress could impose Constitutional Carry on DC anytime.
      Asking candidates a pointed question about a case like this is a great way to test whether they support liberty, or not. A disturbing number of them do not. I used this test for the 2012 state office elections (in NH); time to fire off another set of queries for this time around.
      Neil Smith has a good essay on this: http://www.lneilsmith.org/

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