Did they think this through?

I find this scary as well as ironic:

A committee chaired by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief of staff has come up with a three phase plan to “all but do away with cash transactions in Israel”.

This represents a severe failure of the Jews in the Attic Test—by a Jewish nation.


10 thoughts on “Did they think this through?

  1. Scary, ironic, deliciously evil, or just boringly predictable? I’m not sure. Once the Puppet Master has his arm up your ass, it’s going to do all kinds of mischief with you, but for sure it’ll see to it to make a fool and a disgrace of you and ruin you in the process.

    It makes less sense to try to understand the puppet from the puppet’s perspective or the puppet’s self-interest. His perspective and interest ceases to have any relevance once that arm is way up in there, so you’ll have a much easier time making sense of things if you understand the Puppet Master, the disease, the infection, the change-agent, the occupying entity.

    You know; there’s a fungus, in the Amazon Jungle I believe, that infects a certain species of ant. Once infected, the ant’s brain is altered, and that ant does something its particular species never does otherwise– It leaves the ground, climbs high up into the foliage. Then it latches its mandibles into a branch and dies, whereupon the fungus overtakes the ant body and produces its spores, which are then and thus dispersed into the air from an advantageous position high above the ground.

    That’s the sort of thing we’re discussing here, every day. Studying the normal, healthy ant, its life strategy, its ways and interests, gives us no insight into its post-infection behavior. It’s all about the fungus and ITS life strategy.

    “all but do away with cash transactions in Israel”. I take that to mean, among other, worse things, “ensure a burgeoning underground economy, and begging for more organized crime”. Beg long enough and you might just get it, if someone doesn’t punch you in the face first.

    • Hehe. That was one of the most entertaining comments I have read here. It zigs and zags and is kind of Kaczynski-esk, but I agreed with it. Thanks, I’m still chuckling…

    • I’m reminded of a similar bacteria that reprogram mice to seek out cats, so it can breed in the cats GI tract.

      Nature is creepy.

  2. While I was visiting Israel I was told it is very difficult to get a permit to carry. There are usually armed soldiers nearby since many carry their M16/4’s or Tavors around, but those are GI.
    So, the government controls most of the guns, why not the money too.

      • Hmmm…. Tiny, mostly homogenous nation full of check-points, a nation not founded in revolution and having no constitutional right to bear arms, yadda-yadda-yadda. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to find the dozen other differences.
        But, more importantly, what on earth ever gave you the idea that political solutions that work for one state are likely to work in another with radically different circumstances? If you think it’s a “no brainer,” then I’m sure you’ll be happy to import Saudi Arabia’s theocracy, because they have much lower murder rates than we do, right?

  3. Why does that verse in Revelation about the number on the forehead or hand come to mind every time I hear of a cashless society?

  4. I suppose funny money — the kind that governments print on paper — is a little better than “cashless”.
    It’s interesting that people have been so thoroughly brainwashed about money, and where it comes from, that you can find articles (in the Wall St Journal, no less) questioning the merit of Bitcoin on the grounds that “it is not backed by a government”. At some point in the past, they would have been aware that real money is real because of what it is, and that government backing is entirely irrelevant and unnecessary. Indeed, if it is “government backed” that means it is *not* real money but “fiat money” and it remains a useable medium of exchange only so long as people can be suckered into believing the government’s pretensions that this stuff is good for anything.
    Ludwig von Mieses would have no difficulty recognizing Bitcoin. It’s depressing that writers in major financial newspapers are so deluded.

  5. It’s funny watching my kids play chess. All offense. “Defense, what’s that?” They think about their own moves a couple places ahead, but not their opponent’s.
    In other words, they are only dimly aware of ‘side effects.” I suspect a lot of politicians, particularly statists ones, are the same. They see only the intended effects of their actions, not the workarounds of the opposition, even as they seek to subvert and undermine their own opposition, and cry foul when their own plans are thwarted. Pragmatists like Putin simply accept such things as the cost of doing business, idiotsidealists like Obama get bent and flustered.

    • The bleating about “loopholes” to the “SAFE” act and it’s cousins are wonderful.

      How dare we peasants find ways to comply with those words, and not be disarmed like the nobility intended!

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