Do they spit in leftover food too?

Bitter reports NYC requires the buyers of their empty brass from the police ranges to destroy it so it cannot be reloaded.

The mayor’s office defends this policy:

Phil Walzak, the press secretary to Mayor Bill de Blasio, said: “As a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Mayor de Blasio has pledged to protect our people and support the national movement for common sense gun control. Limiting the sales of bullet shell casings and lead to metal recyclers supports our overall commitment to public safety.”

So… it’s just “common sense gun control” to make ammo more expensive for the civilian market?

I see. They really don’t get the part of the Heller decision where they said the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right.

This story reminds me of something I read in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. One woman did not want her slaves to eat the same food as her family so at the end of the meal she would spit in the leftovers before the cook and maid could share it with their families.

It appears the politicians of New York City have an attitude toward gun owners similar to that of some slave owners in the 1800’s. I’m not surprised. As Daniel Webster said, “There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”


6 thoughts on “Do they spit in leftover food too?

  1. Then again, there is no evidence that Blasio intends to “govern well”. And plenty of evidence that he intends the opposite. (For example, he’s working hard to shut down the only schools in town that work well.)

    This and Lyle’s article about ammo shortage seems to fit a pattern. If the forces of evil can’t actually ban guns, they figure they can ban ammo, or make it sufficiently hard to get that it’s effectively banned. That leaves us with expensive clubs.

    Teddy Kennedy, not surprisingly, was an early example, when he proposed an immense tax on ammo.

    I wonder if 3d printers could make useable cases. Casting bullets is doable at home. That leaves powder. Hm. How to make that is reasonably well documented; the trouble is that it can be tricky to do safely.

    • The surest sign of someone unfit for elected office is any expression of admiration for Turd Kennedy.

      I’ll note that McCain has done so, repeatedly.

  2. why isn’t the militant “green” left u in, er, arms about this? Whatever happened to reduce, reuse, recycle? They are wasting energy!

  3. Rolf: I believe NYC quit recycling a few years ago because it wasn’t profitable. Dunno if they started again, but it sure shows a certain kind of mindset. Not sure what kind, but my guess would be “irrational”.

  4. Actually, you’re probably not far off. There was a story a few years ago from a woman who held a dinner party on her farm for business clients. The food was all prepared on-site, by a hired chef, and some of the ingredients came from the farm.

    The local health inspector somehow got wind of the event, and decided it was something they had the power to inspect (“public event”, “not family and friends” or some such nonsense). No receipts for the items grown on-site? Well, then, you can’t prove it’s fit for human consumption! THROW IT OUT!

    The hostess made the mistake of asking if she could feed it to her pigs — so the inspector poured bleach over it.

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