Guarded support for Brady Campaign

I just read the Brady Campaign is rolling out something new:

The Campaign this week is rolling out a PSA and social media push, “Speak Up,” coinciding with National Youth Violence Prevention Week, to urge students to report threats and warning signs of violence in schools. “When students speak up, they can save lives,” said Brady Campaign president Dan Gross, adding that the PSA campaign “is about something real that students can do to help make their schools and communities safer.

Basically, they are urging kids to anonymously report other kids that are carrying weapons at school and/or making credible threats of violence in the school. As long as they are talking about “kids” being under 18 and unable to legally carry weapons in school then I’m okay with this.

I do have to wonder how these sort of activities work when they are doing their fundraising activities. What sort of pitch do they give potential donors? I can just imagine, “We used to be able to influence Congress, the Senate, and the President to pass laws banning some of the most popular guns in the country. But now we want you give us money so we can try to get kids to snitch on each other.”

They still have a ways to fall but we are getting closer to my dream coming true. The clock is ticking.


9 thoughts on “Guarded support for Brady Campaign

  1. Sounds like they’re trying to train kids to oust out their armed classmates so they grow into adults who oust out anyone armed.

    ‘Course, there are *never* unintended consequences for things like this.

  2. Most of us did in fact carry weapons at school in the 1970s, often openly, and no one that that I know of ever used one to attack another person. No one shit their pants and ran off screaming to the police when a kid showed up with a high-powered rifle in his pickup gun rack either. If anything was ever said about it, it was in the form of normal and sane questions about caliber, and hunting seasons and tactics.

    No; people had to be trained over many years to be so freaked out over such normal, healthy activities. Insanity is being promoted such that today, forming a pretend gun with one’s fingers can get you sent into counseling. News flash; the people freaking out, and the counsellors, are the ones who need counseling. But isn’t that the normal progression of an authoritarian society?

  3. I went through that same story earlier today, and try as might to find the gotcha, I couldn’t really find too much to complain about. If they actually decided to turn over a new leaf and try to convince kids that are prone to violence to eschew it as a means of solving non-life-and-death problems (rather than blaming the object, or people who have nothing to do with that sort of thing) I might decide to largely lay off them.

    Of course, I rather doubt that. I suspect this is just an effort to hook young people into the greater Brady message that guns=bad. They haven’t had a lot of luck with the younger generation in that regard. They are just starting with the soft sell.

    Well, now that I’ve written it out… I think I have my post.

  4. Also, how will this work in general? For every banger with a hi-point in his pants, there will be 100 or more kids just finking on the kids they hate in hopes that the principals will mess with them with no retribution.

    There will be horror stories of kids searched, harrassed, and likely suspended for LITERALLY doing nothing. The stories will go on Facebook, and from there the news, then it will start being ignored.

    Also a school shooting will happen and that psycho won’t be flagged.

    • The leftist answer would be “so what?” Collateral damage is considered perfectly ok. As Mao said, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.
      It’s obvious that this is the case. Consider all the kids victimized by rules that require them to be treated as homicidal maniacs for pointing a finger at someone, or wearing the wrong T-shirt, or biting off the wrong pieces of a slice of toast.

  5. Neighbors being suspicious of neighbors, and informing on one another, and the “alerted” authorities assigning case workers to those who might “stray” is one of the goals of authoritarianism. It replaces family and community with the coercive power of the state.

    And see, Sebastian, how easy it is to fall into the trap– It’s all for “doing the right thing”, and who would be against that? The trick is to get us blind to the fact that we’re yielding, deferring, defaulting to the power of the state while ignoring the proper channels though which this sort of problem with a kid might be corrected.

    See how wonderfully clever and deliciously evil that is? The left has set up all their infrastructure over many generations, while we’ve let our infrastructure of liberty atrophy and even disappear. For example; once ObamaCare is repealed, there will be no private medical industry, no private medical schools, and no private insurance industry left to take its place. It’ll be a huge problem. It’s either been or is being set up that way with practically everything that matters. Food production, energy, transportation, education, you name it.

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  7. If these lads had even suggested that they make a film with a pro-gun slant, they would have been suspended from school, undergone psychological evaluations, and been ostracized by the community.

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