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A month ago I went to the range with two new shooters. These are my tweets from then:



They are friends of Gang who I took to the range a few years ago. He contacted me and told me some friends wanted to learn to shoot. We met up at Wades and after they got the paperwork done I spent about 15 minutes going through safety rules, sight alignment, and grip with a plastic gun. Once inside the range we did some dry fire before going to live fire.

I started them out on a Ruger Mark III/45 followed by a S&W .22LR revolver. Then I offered them my STI Eagle in .40 S&W with the caution there was going to be a lot more recoil. They did just fine with the recoil on the .40 but the large grip of the double stack STI was a challenge for their small hands. All the targets were at about eight feet away.

I was surprised they liked the S&W revolver and STI Eagle better than the Ruger Mark III/45. In any case they did very well. I was particularly impressed with Shijing who is cross eye dominate. I suggested she try shooting left handed as well as right handed and she then stayed with left handed to produce awesome groups for a new shooter.

Sharon shooting the STI.
Shijing with the revolver and then the STI.
Shijing had the better groups and the bigger smile.

Afterward they took me to dinner at a place Gang described as the Chinese equivalent of Hooters. I have never been to Hooters before so I can’t confirm that assessment but the waitresses were very nice looking and somewhat scantly dressed. The food was good and I plan to take Barb there sometime soon.

We talked quite a bit about gun laws and why I carry a gun. They seemed to get it and expressed interest in getting their own guns.

Winning the cultural war one (or two) new shooter(s) at a time.


6 thoughts on “New shooter report

  1. It’s good when you recruit new shooters. Our numbers were dwindling. Several of us at work have been trying to get our manager; an immigrant from China to go shooting with us. Still hasn’t happened though.

    Now don’t keep us in suspense… where is this “Chinese Hooters”? 🙂

    BTW: I have been to Hooters, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Just another expensive burger joint where he waitresses show a little cleavage to bump up their tips. The burgers aren’t even that good.

    • Thank you. Both of you did very well. It was unusual that there were no safety violations such as a finger left on the trigger when it shouldn’t have been.

      Thank you for being such good students.

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  3. Quite a few of the engineers I work with, from places where firearms are very restricted (China, India) and even somewhat restricted (EU, South Africa), are always interested in going to the range, meanwhile others from here (US) seem apathetic or even downright against firearms use in general, quite odd, but not surprising.

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