NP3 finished

The original finish on my Ruger 10/22 hammer forged barrel was not at all tolerant of moisture. I discovered this the hard way after one Boomershoot when I closed it up in the slightly damp case for a couple of days. I cringed every time I looked at it. I kept telling myself and others that saw the damaged barrel, “I need to get the barrel refinished but I just haven’t got around to it yet.” This went on for several years and I finally got around to it this year.

I sent the barrel to Robar to get their NP3 finish on it. I really liked the NP3 finish on my STI Eagle and figured it would be good for the 10/22 barrel as well.

Except for the pitted surface irregularities it looks good:


I still need to sight it in and see if the accuracy changed any.


4 thoughts on “NP3 finished

  1. joe:
    why not lathe turn it just to get the pits out, and then np3 it. or, cerakote, for that matter. couldn’t cost too much …. just put it on centers, take a little off, and then finish with a crocus cloth. put on a layer of np3. better than new.
    john jay

    • I could have done that, I even have access to a lathe, but the surface isn’t entirely round. The hammer forging process leaves the barrel with sort of dimples and there is a flat spot on it where the manufactures marking are. I think turning it down would have made it worse looking.

    • The pattern of stresses in the barrel would change if it was turned. It would change the shape and possibly (likely?) the accuracy.

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