Via email from Squirrel Hunter:


That looks to be quite handy but I suspect it might “wreck the mood” if the headboard got bumped just right while the activities in the bedroom were more “friendly” than hostile.


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  1. I’m pretty sure Squirrel Hunter sleeps alone, now that I look at it again…

      • Unless you know something I don’t about ubu52’s profession(s) that I don’t that was uncalled for.

        • I would say the remark about Squirrel Hunter was equally uncalled for.

          But hey, ubu is your own personal Markadelphia. You make the call.

          • She might have been referring to the fact that it is a narrow bed, likely full-sized, not a typical two-person king or queen-sized.
            Was kind’a snide-sounding in any case. *shrug* I’m pretty sure he’s got a thick enough skin.

    • It looks to me like that is a woman’s robe hanging on the wall on the other side of the bed. It’s not conclusive but it is counter evidence to your hypothesis.

      • It’s looks like a man’s decorating scheme: The headboard style, the bedspread and pillow covers. I think that robe is probably his.

          • If there’s a woman in there, she’s going to be pissed when she gets klonked in the head with that gun….

  2. Could everyone just chill a little bit?

    As Barb just said to me, “What the hell is wrong with you people?”

  3. So we have finally arrived at the intersection of “the universal, best medicine for what ails you” and “problems a firearm can solve or cause.”

    I knew the Venn diagram had some overlap, somewhere. Thanks.

  4. Do not want. Flying firearms are a bad idea, outside military aviation and John Woo movies. . .

    I get the idea of a headboard mounted stash, but tis one is just WAY too likely to go badly, both during more “friendly” moments as stated, but also when you’re waking up to the beginning of what is possibly the worst evening of your life. . .

  5. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this —

    When he pushes back on the headboard, the drapes move. This means the whole thing isn’t encased in a box so I’m not sure what is holding up the gun. (Maybe some sort of sling?) At any rate, the drapes are most likely covering a window.

    Imagine a burglar picks that window to enter the house. The first thing the burglar is going to find is “FREE GUN!” This is before he even enters the house. He’s going to find a gun attached to the headboard in some way.

    It seems to me that there ought to be lots of better places to store a gun in a bedroom.

    • Ah, good catch. It should be a hidden gun-“safe.” but I think you re right, it’s open in back. Easily fixed.

      • Ubu52,
        that is an excellent observation. Direct, useful, and doesn’t wander off into left field. Adds to the content of the discussion, instead of being distracting, as too much of your input is.

    • I had noticed the drape movement and concluded shotgun was probably (but not necessarily) in open view from the other direction. I did not, however, further extrapolate to the window/burglar scenario.

      Good point.

      But I think conclusions other than yours are viable. For example; enclose the shotgun such that it can’t be extracted from the other side.

      • That drape thing really bugged me. Imagine a nice sunny day — and his partner (if he has one) decides to open the drapes to let some sun in…. Hey everybody! Look what I have! 😉

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