I was buying the last of the chemicals needed for Boomershoot 2014 when the following occurred. This was in Bellevue Washington just across the lake from Seattle. This is in the belly of the anti-gun beast.

Lady in line at Walmart: Nice coat.
Joe: Thank you!
Lady: That’s a good organization, right? They teach how to use guns safely don’t they?
Joe: Yes they do. In fact, I’m a firearms instructor.

She apparently saw this patch on the sleeve of my jacket:



6 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. That is how we win our cause, our campaign for freedom. One person at a time.

    They realize we are nice people, and that guns are rather fun. The gun culture is made up of good people.

  2. Politics is often a lagging indicator of cultural change.

    It’s a lot harder to demonize a a group in a person’s eyes when said person has personal experience with a member of the given group.

    This is why so many of the anti’s efforts focus on making it hard to get new shooters and building a social stigma to keep gunnies in the closet.

  3. That’s why I like the Boomershoot patches. I get a lot of comments. In the last week, it has lead to a couple of interesting (in a very good way) conversations with other parents at events I was taking one kid or another to.
    Oh, did I mention I see have some?

  4. Every single anti-gunner that I’ve been able to convince to come shooting with me is now a gun owner. Every one.

    By my count, I’m up to 5 now.

    The anti-gun sentiment is largely due to ignorance and demonization. Eliminate one, the other will go away. I love it, because it feels so good to introduce someone to the world of guns. The smile on my brother-in-law’s face when he touched off his first round out of my old .30-06 was priceless. I knew I had a convert after one shot.

  5. Well… … … … … as a proud WA resident, can I suggest you edit the end of the first paragraph to read:

    “This is in the belly of the best we can come up with for an anti-gun beast.”

    Yes, Seattle and the East side is more liberal than the rest of the state (of course excepting Bellingham and Olympia) BUT it’s still not very anti-gun.

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