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Following the gun and magazine restriction news I didn’t like who things were playing out. Looked like there were way to many ways to make it turn ugly all around. While I’m sure someday tyrants will need to be used as tree-watering sources, I’d really rather not have it happen during my life- revolutions are expensive. I thought of a possible path out after watching this clip.

Stage an arrest of a “known offender” as a test case. Arrange for someone with an “unlawful” magazine and a barely illegal rifle (maybe something like a Nylon 66, or whatever the most innocuous technically illegal arm you can find) who is retired and can afford to spend a little time in jail. Roll the cameras, arrest and charge him, and have everyone on the scene know what’s going on so that nobody gets shot. Get him before a judge that day, and have a temporary order to put a hold on the law until it can be officially decided by a court. That gives the police an out to not enforce the law, but it also gives the citizens an out because it can’t be held over them for anything else so things do go all Waco on anyone. It gives everyone time to “let the court sort it out” without claiming any unnecessary lives. It also gives time for a new legislature to be elected if needed, because it will become a more well-understood topic by a broader range of the population.


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  1. That path doesn’t stand a chance. Something that I think people outside of CT are missing (and I in fact was missing until I did some remedial reading once this came up) is that the CT State Police are hopelessly and completely corrupt. They are a de facto organized crime enterprise. They are in constant conflict with the (elected) sheriffs in CT, and have constant allegations of and convictions for corruption, theft, brutality, sex crimes, and so on, after the officers have been “cleared” by the State Police internal affairs.

    The CT state police are criminal thugs, and this sort of bone-headed, anti-American action is frankly right up their alley. I really believe it is the reason that the Powers That Be decided to start in CT — they had a ready, non-Federal force ready to take the bullets.

    • Ah. Interesting. Perhaps it could be arranged with a pro-gun sheriff, then. Or, maybe the sheriff can refuse in a hi-visibility way, putting the State po-po in a bind. More popcorn that way, but also higher risk.

  2. I think it’s more likely that they’ll look for the most unsympathetic person they can find on their list. Someone who reloads and is likely to have powder in their home. Someone who may have posted a off color racial joke or something that could be misquoted as a threat. Someone who’s visited the “wrong” websites, etc.

    Once they’ve found that person, they’ll make sure that the press team is ready to go the instant the door busting operation is concluded. It’ll be a full court press a trial by media before it ever gets to court. That is, if there is anyone left alive to take to court.

    • If they go this way, then we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are not interested in justice, they are interested only in power, they are thugs, not just jack-boots in training, but in fact, and are actively declaring themselves enemies of the people. They would be making a bright line, and stepping across it boldly.

    • As an aside, I’ve always wondered about the press ride-alongs on warrants. How can that possibly be legal? A warrant gives the law officer the right to enter a home, but I don’t see any legal authority for a judge (or the police) to let the press into somebody’s private property.

      Some jurisdictions seem awfully loose with chain-of-custody, and it seems like a journalist allowed to be present on private property breaks any chain.

  3. one other notes. even competent courts will not entertain “stage” controversy.

    a “controversy” has to be just that, … , parties at odds over the status of the law, or the application of law to fact. contrived matters will not be heard by any decent court with an eye towards propriety.

    doesn’t sound much like what going on in connecticut, to me.

    time for the burning staves and pitchforks, and hanging corrupt officials from the lamp posts. imho.

    john jay

    • UM, all evidence indicates that Miller was contrived at the apellate level to force a SCOTUS hearing. . . then the antigun bigots didn’t like the actual results from SCOTUS and spent the next 70 years lying about what the opinion actually states.

      The appeals judge was a KNOWN and outspoken antigun bigot. The defendant wasn’t even LOCATABLE to answer the SCOTUS appeal, much less have representation available.

  4. Even if there was a sympathetic sheriff that could be trusted, there would be tremendous pressure put on the DA to “string you up”. Who knows what the judge would do. I would not volunteer to be the test case.

    • Yeah, I’d worry about “we re-searched your house while you were in jail, and found 20 pounds of cocaine that we missed the first time, so we seized your truck under civil forfeiture laws.”

  5. My main take-away from the phone call recording was how the cop parlayed the Oath to mean an oath to follow orders– he asserts that there’s no personal discretion involved, but in that case why take an oath to the construction and not an oath to simply follow orders? No, the Oath not only permits personal discretion regarding the constitutionality of a law or an order, it demands it. If he were bound by oath to enforce anything that’s approved by the legislators and the counts, then the constitution need not be mentioned in the Oath as it would only be a concern among the highest courts. He’s interpreting the Oath as being the very opposite of what it means, and at the end he said he refused to discuss the constitution.

    Nowadays, you bring up the subject of the constitution at all and (listen to that again) you’re “anti-American”. A lot of people think like that son of a bitch.

    The other thing that struck me was the cop’s eventually sarcastic treatment of what he regarded as an idiot caller. Did anyone else get the impression that, from the very outset, the people on the other end we’re thinking “Oooh no; we’ve got another teabaggger nut job on the phone…” They’re predisposed to think of you as trash. They’re above you, they’re not responsible for their actions (and how dare you ask) so long as someone else can be pointed to (take it up with your legislators or listen to the courts; it’s not my job), and if you challenge or question them you’re an enemy of the state. I think that answers the caller’s question right there, and very clearly.

    • Sad part is, they would likely go to the gallows still thinking they are above the rabble, even after the error of their ways is pointed out in gory detail at their trial. They’d stand there, facing death, still holding us in contempt for having the audacity to hold them accountable.

      • But a gallows and a noose don’t care, and neither would I..

        It’s punitive for them, not matter what they think.

        It’s EXEMPLARY for everyone else.

  6. Let the SWAT roll. Their stupid tactics, which assume ALL threats are inside the residence they are entering, will get a few of them killed. After more than two die, they will have to escalate to stand-off weaponry or give up the game.

    • Unfortunately, this is a wise subject to think about in these times. 3AM no-knocks work great for ambushing old men in their beds and killing dogs, but a forewarned victim could prepare the battlefield to make things go badly for the LEOs. I am reminded of stories I’ve heard from those coming back from the sandbox: I have heard that taliban forces would fire upon US patrols not for effect, but to observe where US soldiers would take cover. Explosives were then planted in those popular cover locations before the next patrol. This strategy could be quite effective against a stacked-up entry team… Not to mention how badly these formations would suffer from surprise enfilade fire by vigilant neighbors. One could look to the first attack upon the Branch Davidians to see how well the no-knock warrior cop crowd fares against armed defenders willing to fight. I pray things never reach these levels of open violence, but a wise man prepares.

      • I’ve heard they expression “they will come at you sideways.” Last I heard, that concept works both ways.

    • Not going to happen. Anybody who seems like they might know how to use tools, fix or make things, is going to the bottom of the list.

      How would you prioritize a list? I’d start by cross-referencing people who take their car to Jiffy Lube. Too lazy to change your own oil seems like a good surrogate endpoint for too lazy to have a plan.

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