Confiscation dampens enthusiasm

Via Rusty Weiss who says:

In the clip seen below, Democrat Assemblyman Joseph Lentol can be heard pleading with McLaughlin that he not share the list “because it has the capacity to dampen the enthusiasm of compromise.”  To which McLaughlin replies, “It sure does, when we talk about the confiscation of assault weapons.”

Yes. Yes it does.

Don’t let anyone tell you, “No one wants to take your guns.”


4 thoughts on “Confiscation dampens enthusiasm

  1. Who has “enthusiasm” for compromise anyway? When it comes to liberty, compromise is a horrible thing. If there be such a thing, we must endeavor to inspire enthusiasm for compromise among Progressives. They’ve always held up compromise as a great virtue, so long as liberty is the thing being compromised. I don’t have any enthusiasm for compromise, but it would certainly be a good thing for the world if the enemies of liberty all had a great deal of it.

    • This is like the “compromise” that’s continuously imposed on Israel. It means one side must always surrender, and the other side can always demand more.

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