Quote of the day—Leslie

You definitely have the most interesting hobby of anyone I have ever talked to.

Dental hygienist
February 5, 2014
[She was referring to Boomershoot.

It started out with her asking if I was going to the Seahawks parade in downtown Seattle yesterday. “Involuntarily. I work in the building next to the parade route”, I responded, “I’m not participating. They are a football team, right? Do they use the round balls or the funny oblong ones?”

She then ask what my hobbies were since I don’t have an interest in football. “Guns and explosives.”, I replied. I expected her to speech center to freeze up and then get to work on cleaning my teeth but instead she wanted to know my favorite handgun. Okay. We are going to talk instead of getting my teeth cleaned. At least it is something I like to talk about. So I told her, “STI Eagle. I use it in competition.”

She is looking to buy a gun for carry. And another hygienist in the office is a firearms instructor. She thought Boomershoot sounded really cool and suggested she and her husband should come over to watch. I encouraged it and gave her links to Kathy Jackson’s blog, my blog, and Boomershoot.

And I did get my teeth cleaned.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Leslie

  1. That’s pretty cool. A lot of our family and friends asked me about Boomershoot. They think its great when I explain it to them. My moms general reply is “you just be careful son”.

  2. Once when I was getting my eyes checked the ophthalmologist tried to sell me on Lasik or whatever they call it now, and I expressed concern regarding binocular vision and the ability to focus close enough to actually see the front sight, since I competed (at that time) in high power rifle. We had a nice non-specific conversation about shooting. He didn’t ask me about advice on gun purchases, though. I think in retrospect he was happy to have a conversation about some specific and technical aspect of Lasik in some specific application. He didn’t seem at all fazed by the thought of guns.

  3. I was asked today about the boomershoot “Henchman” patch and rocker today. I was wearing my jacket to a school I’d subbed at a few times. While at the front desk, another teacher said “I’ve never met a real henchman before. What do you do?” Turns out she does stuff that would love to have a guest speaker some time taking about applications of chemistry and physics.

    • Is this a subtle way of asking if I would like to be a guest speaker? Or that you will might be doing the guest speaking?

    • I take it this was a private school? Either that, or you’re at one of the few public schools in the country run by someone with higher than room temperature IQ.

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