What happened to Colin Goddard?

Colin Goddard, the Brady Campaign expert at getting shot, used to get a lot of media attention. But not anymore. I couldn’t find any connection between Goddard and the Brady Campaign since April 2013.

In fact it appears the Brady Campaign has had a complete regime change. These are all new faces to me since Dan Gross took the job as president.

They don’t have a very large staff and to replace that many people in that short of time means that, essentially, they flushed all their institutional memory. Which I suppose makes sense. It’s a good idea to change a losing strategy. But it’s a better idea to shut down an obsolete business rather than to continue dumping money into it.


9 thoughts on “What happened to Colin Goddard?

  1. At least somebody agrees with me when I say that you must clean house entirely before you can change the culture of an organization.

    • And their culture certainly needed cleaning. As I said before:

      Deception has been a part of their organization for decades. I believe deception has become institutionalized in their organization. It is a part of their culture.

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  3. I have so little respect for Colin Goddard that even microstamping would be too big for it.

    The simple fact is that he was a victim at a shooting, who chose to not fight back, nor to have the means to do so. That was HIS choice. However, he cannot make that OUR choice. He has no moral authority to make anyone else endure such a trauma.

    That he feels compelled to try to force us all to be victims like him is repulsive. I want him to just go away since he contributes NOTHING to our self-protection. It used to be that people with “common sense” would know when to shut up and so retain a shred of respect.

  4. I think they are losing a lot of money/celebrity/1%er support to the Bloomberg Gun Prohibition Conglomerate of MAIG/MomsDemandAction

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