More Free Bracken

More free Matthew Bracken stuff.

The Bracken Anthology [Kindle Edition]

Castigo Bay [Kindle Edition].

And, slightly more not-free, is my much less well-known book, The Stars Came Back.

Hopefully you like mine better 🙂 So far it’s a bit more than half-way to my “first threshold number“. For an unknown author first book, sixty in less than two and a half days isn’t terrible. If it’s still there a week from now, THEN I’ll start to get worried.


8 thoughts on “More Free Bracken

  1. Ask Instapundit for a plug. The books libertarian views line up with his own views so u should be a shoe in. He plugs readers books all the time.

    • Do you mean the “Friday Book Plug?” Did that yesterday. I know what the books about, but I always wonder what to tell other people – gotta keep it short, before they lose interest, have to say something that distinguishes it from the crowd, but doesn’t give to much away. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

  2. I’d already bought both of these on Kindle. Recommended.

    And the second book’s title is “Castigo Cay”, Not “Castig Bay”.

  3. Bracken’s books are worth every bit that you pay for them – assuming they’re free. Fine literature they are not.

    • I realize you may have a biased opinion, but how do you think mine compares to his, in terms of writing, story, editing? (I’m assuming formatting is different 🙂 )

      • I like yours better, actually. Characters are more developed. Far fewer incongruous events and far less reliance on sheer happenstance to make plot turns “work.” Bracken’s first book was okay, then they spiraled down to borderline ridiculous.

  4. Wow, it looks like I may have to dump Barnes & Noble in general and my Nook in particular.

    B&N does not have ANY of Bracken’s books. Not in any form — not ebook, not even paper book. I can’t fathom that.

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