Testing Markley’s Law

Yesterday I was reading a blog post about how the Government Spent $224,863 On “Custom-Fit” Condoms and came across this graphic of world wide penis size distribution (units are centimeters):


If there was any truth to the claims by those that invoke Markley’s law then there should be correlation with gun ownership rates and those countries in the deep red. But just “eyeballing” it I would guess there is very little, if any correlation.

I showed the graphic to a female friend who found it interesting so I thought I would share it with my readers here. I’m pretty sure that it is a coincidence that she is leaving for Ecuador on Thursday.


9 thoughts on “Testing Markley’s Law

  1. Amusing….I suspect however that the “average size” being used for various regions originates in surveys where the measurements were not acquired by
    impartial means but rather through self reporting……leading one to call into
    question the accuracy of the numbers used. I mean it’s not like people don’t exaggerate such dimensions…..that would NEVER happen.

    • Yeah. Just think about this… how many times has your penis size been objectively measured and recorded in some database? Zero times for me.

      About 90% of my motivation for this post was to have an excuse for the last sentence of the post.

  2. Hmm. Political boundaries seem to play an inordinate role in the “data” (so called) too, as on the Island of New Guinea for example, where we see both extremes in the same small, relatively isolated region divided only by a political boundary.

    I’m not sure what the map shows us, if anything— That would be the topic of discussion in my mind, if there were to be one.

    Anyway; clearly someone had far too much free time.

    • Too much time, probably so. Free, probably not; more likely, on our dime.
      I suspect the west half of New Guinea is simply being lumped with the rest of Indonesia, even though it is ethnically and linguistically completely unrelated and best viewed as occupied territory rather than part of that country.

      • You mean we cant keep the parks and the memorials open, and we cant let drivers by take a look at Mt. Rushmore, but we can pay for long term international studies on penis size? I’m sorry; is that flacid or erect? And what is the geographical distribution of ranges in differences between flacid and erect? Surely that database would be of global importance. I mean, if I see a penis in a certain geographical area that’s x centimeters when flacid, I need a prediction chart showing me on a region by region basis what length to expect when it’s erect. Surely this would be valuable information. And that doesn’t even touch upon the subject of girth, or of curvature. So many questions, so many penises, and so little data…

        And that reminds me;
        When I was a kid, you could go and take a look at Palouse Falls in Washington State any time you wanted. Then they made it a state park, and now they close it from time to time, and when you go there when it’s open, you have to pay a fee. And they put up fenses and crap so you cant just go anywhere you want. That’s “service”.

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