7 thoughts on “Mikhail Kalashnikov, RIP

  1. Part of me says “just another dead commie” but then I think about it and think of the great engineer that was a victim of communism.

    • That’s probably true of the vast majority of people stuck living in those countries, which is sad because many never even get a chance.

    • According to David Hardy, “Read his autobio a ways back, a very interesting fellow — and 100% Stalinist, even though he and his parents spent time (and his father died) in Siberia during Stalin’s purges. He was convinced that Stalin wasn’t to blame, it was local officials (“if only the king knew, he would fix things”).”

  2. “He who lives by the sword dies at the age of 97”

    Don’t much care for the rifle, don’t much care for the Soviets, don’t know much about the man.

    Still there’s always that take-away for the jerks who hate armed citizens.

    • I don’t really “like” the AK-47 either, but I appreciate good engineering that matches a specified need well. And that his designs indisputably do.

  3. Because of this designer, many gun enthusiasts worldwide have been able to make use of durable, low-cost and easy-to-use assault rifles. Kudos and rest in peace Mikhail Kalashnikov. You will always be remembered.

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