Downrange is a bad place to be

Supposed to be real footage, from something like a thousand meters on full zoom. Not a fun spot to be filming from. Likely fake, but hey, it’s cool.


7 thoughts on “Downrange is a bad place to be

  1. Saw the article attached to this video. The camera was unattended and the round hit several feet to the side. It obviously screwed up the camera, but the footage was still good to go.

  2. The round looked nice and shiny enough to be suspected of being computer graphics.

  3. Yeah, every time I watch that video the shell looks off. Too slow and too focused.

    • At a thousand meters, it’ll have a flight time of a somewhat less then a second. It would arc up a little, but not a lot. Its angular velocity relative to the camera would be just about zero, so it would be relatively easy to see (in theory).
      Like I said, may be fake, bust still cool.

  4. Footage is too clean. Every time I’ve seen ACTUAL footage of catastrophic events, the event the camera was involved in generally marks up the footage with all sorts of artifacts.

    Unless this was a webcam of sorts where the data was stored away from the actual recorder and images were streamed live, I call BS.

    Also I agree with the others, a camera like this wouldn’t have the sample rate to capture the shell so clearly.

  5. Seems legit. It’s firing point blank (no elevation, because the muzzle is a perfect O and you can’t see the barrel behind it.) That’s consistent with 1000m, and muzzle velocity should be around 1600m/s, so the timing is consistent. That the round is in focus for a significant part of the fight isn’t surprising with a long focal length and lots of light (full daylight). Those lenses have incredible depth of field if you can pour enough light into them.

    I would say real.

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