Quote of the day—Pat L.

I used to think I would die from an angry father. Then I thought it would be from an angry husband. Now I just worry about an angry wife.

Pat L.
August 9, 2013
[This was at our high school reunion last night.

I’m pretty sure there is more to this story and that I know what it is but he wasn’t sharing it so I won’t speculate here.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Pat L.

  1. I can relate to that worry about an angry wife. Mine is now an ex. I did have occasion to be glad she didn’t know how to throw a punch.

  2. See, Tam– that’s what I was talking bout when you told me to speak for myself, and called me Francis. Practically everyone…

    We like make light of it, to crack jokes about it, and normalize it, and yet it is the stuff of damaged children, crime, sickness, suicide, murder and war.

    Ok then. Tee hee, haw haw. We all like a little gallows humor now and then.

    When this shit is consuming the whole world though, it should be addressed, somewhere, sometime, in a serious context.

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