Shiny one ounce silver coins rounds are some of the prettiest small objects I have ever seen. The design on these makes them even more attractive.



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  1. Is that really a typo on the eagle side of the coin? I’m pretty sure it’s not ‘…the right to the people…’ but ‘…the right of the people…’. I still want one.

      • That means they’ll need to make a new die (at ~$500) and either re-strike those, or melt and re-manufacture, or offer a discount. Anything they do, it’s going to leave a serious bottom-line hit.

        • I’ve been looking into getting rounds made for Boomershoot, and I think the price on the die is a little low. Custom dies seem to be about $1300; perhaps I’m looking for Tiffany when I should be looking for Black Hills

          • My knowledge might be a little dated. Talk to Northwest Territorial Mint – I’ve worked with them in the past, they do good work. Making a custom die set (obverse and reverse) is likely in the range you quote. Replacing one of them for a typo would be less than half that cost, because most of the design work is already done, so it is just fixing one small thing and remake the one side of the die. Hence my estimate of ~$500 for that one piece. Who pays depends on who designed and signed off of the artwork and proof.

    • It’s not really a coin because it wasn’t issued by a government and it has no monetary denomination. It would be a round.

  2. Hmm; 1789 – 2013. That reads like a grave stone. Born; 1789. Died; 2013.

    And how does anyone manage to misquote an article of the constitution by mistake? It’ an easy thing to check, for those that don’t already have it committed to memory.

    Then again I’ve seen the manufacturer of a product, using their OWN IN-HOUSE PRINT SHOP, publish lavish, color glossy product posters with the product image flipped to a mirror image. In that case it depicted a left-handed musical wind instrument that doesn’t exist.

    • Then again, there are several versions, the real one with one comma, and the other one with three (as in this one). Neil Schulman discusses this at some length (in “Stopping Power”).

  3. I ordered a few through the TSP Mint, and all of them are correct.

    The typo seems to only exist in the images of the coin, though it is weird that they would keep it up on the website I can also confirm that they are very beautiful coins and would recommend them to anyone!

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