Epic pickup line

While returning from lunch today Barb L. and I saw this guy wandering the sidewalks of Seattle:


This is a better picture of his sign:

I can’t claim expertise on pickup lines (or even ever attempted one) but I’m pretty sure this guy is going to be experiencing some epic failure in his quest.


6 thoughts on “Epic pickup line

  1. Depends. Does Washington State provide disability compensation for mental illness like California? Men who qualify for a “crazy check” are in high demand in some circles, regardless of appearance. Perhaps he just needs a thick bitch with tits who knows how to fill out the paperwork for his claim. If she had a stable of such fellows, she might even be rich.

    • [Heavy Sigh]


      Young and dumb are entertaining for an hour at most even if they have a extraordinary high sex drive. Someone close your own age, intelligence, and sex drive is going to make for MUCH better relationship.

      Even a different economic level can make for a stressful relationship as the power in the relationship can easily be unbalanced and one person controls the other.

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