Internet drama and gunternet shenanigans

Or is it gunternet drama and internet shenanigans? Thankfully, aside from the regular stuff I’ve seen for many years and have learned to avoid for the most part, I’ve not the slightest idea what anyone is talking about. No, don’t go a-linkin’ to it here, neither. I don’t want to know. Thank you.

It’s a lovely July day here in Moscow today. Not too hot, and so my garden likes it too, and the last two evenings have been bliss, with a very gentle, cool, fragrant breeze wafting in through the open windows.

I tried to get my wife to notice, but she’s too busy with the drama in her head (and emanating from the television) and is more interested in planting said drama into my head (or the head of any who will listen, encouraging her with undue patience) than in most anything I have to say. It’s that “most” part that gives me any hope.

One thing I have learned, among the few others, is that I don’t have to coddle and germinate the seeds of drama that other people try to plant in my head. They just fall away and dry up, waiting for some other fool to pick them up off the floor and run with them (which is more often the case than not).

If it’s not actionable on my part or of some value to better understand how to live my own life or to help others live theirs, or of some value in understanding the immutable laws of physics or of human nature on the macro level, or of understanding history, I’m pretty much uninterested at this juncture I think. Mechanics and petty squabbles I mastered long ago.

Sorry there’s nothing to excite you here. I’m finding that excitement is vastly overrated and I’m of the opinion that we spend far too much time pursuing it at the expense of things that matter. It seems we spend the first half of our allotted lifespan seeking excitement and the second half, if we’re lucky, cleaning up the wreckage.

Carry on (as in, replace the “party” in the Wayne and Garth term “party on” with “carry”, so it has a nice double meaning for a gun blog).


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  1. I recently learned a phrase that encapsulates this perfectly: “Not my circus, not my monkeys”

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