Mooselets at Boomershoot

When Ry visited the Boomershoot site last weekend he was going to do some shooting. The only shooting he ended up doing was with his Nikon. There were some moose there and he didn’t want to disturb them:

Mom moose and two mooselets


6 thoughts on “Mooselets at Boomershoot

      • +1, Mom’s probably about 6′ at the shoulder, and that grass is probably near waist high for an adult man.

        Still like all babies they have to start off small.

        How is Moose hunting handled there? in Maine we have a lottery for tags. My uncle bagged one a few years ago. FANTASTIC meat.

  1. About 7 years ago, drove a truck through Canada from Maine to Michigan in early spring, still snow and ice everywhere. Pulled over to sleep, no truck stops in the area-

    Woke up in the morning because the truck was rocking, but there was no wind? Looked out the window and a yearling moose calf is licking the salt off the truck so hard it’s shaking it. They are SO homely…

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