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There are so many things wrong with this that I wouldn’t even try to enumerate all of them but here are the first two that come to mind:

  1. “Assault weapons” use a medium power round that would be either illegal (in many states) or unethical to use for harvesting an animal as large as a bull elk. The use of such a rifle would most likely result in the animal being wounded and getting away. It would not reduce it to a bag of bloody, shredded, meat.
  2. An image that properly illustrates “The civilian need for military-style assault weapons” is one like this:

Update: A better image from S Andrew Nicol:



4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. They can ridicule the need all they want, but “it can’t happen here,” until it does, and if unarmed, you either go quietly like a cow into the abattoir or you fight kicking and screaming with nothing more than teeth and fingernails.

  2. I point out to people who spout that “it can’t happen here” line that it most certainly CAN happen here precisely because of disbelief in it ever happening. That that sort of thinking is exactly what would enable the gathering and enabling of the types that WOULD perpetrate it.
    If one is absolutely certain something doesn’t exist, it cannot be seen. Even if you trip over it, and do a face plant, you still won’t be able to see it.

    I suspect that this country could easily turn into The Reich v2.0, and would make v1.0 look like pikers. We would rule the world, or destroy it trying. THIS is what really scares me about the direction we seem to be heading.

  3. And;
    It would take not a single 30 round magazine full, but a truckload of ammo to do that to an elk.

    A taxidermy shop where you can walk in with your hide and get it tanned is getting very rare.

    Hunters tend to take great care to make a clean kill, without damaging meat and hide unnecessarily. Spoling the harvest defeats the purpose. You’d just as sensibly depict a farmer with his new, fancy harvesting equipment uttery destroying his entire crop and then grinning about it.

    That eeevil black “assault weapon” has a 30 round magazine in it. All states I know of limit magazine capacity while hunting big game, usually to only a few shots. IIRC in Idaho and Washington it is five for a rifle, and for a fowling gun it is three total, which means a magazine capacity of two shells (you don’t wear your long gun into the shop either), but I wouldn’t expect a cartoonist to know anything about any of this.

    Again and and always; this is nothing but pure bigotry – the stuff that was done to the Jews in the 1930s (and is being done still today).

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