Gun cartoon of the day

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I’m not even sure what the cartoonist is trying to say. Is it that NRA members are empty headed?

Has this guy ever looked at the demographics of gun owners versus the general public? 37% of gun owners are college graduates and 30% have done post graduate work. And this includes people so young they would not have had time to complete college.

In the general population of 25 and older (note the biased sample compared to gun owners!) 40.58% have college degrees and just over 12% have Masters, Doctorate, or professional degrees. There does not appear to be justification for claiming gun owners are uneducated or empty headed.

Hence, I must conclude that the cartoonist is the one who is uneducated based on his willful lack of knowledge on the demographics of gun ownership.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Did you look at any of the other cartoons? Dear lord they were so horrible…I started to get angry and had to quit looking…the willful misrepresentation of facts by these jackass “artists” was so offensive. Downright disgusting. *sigh*

  2. #29 wasn’t bad…
    On the other hand, it takes real lack of perspective to draw #43 given the message on all the others.

  3. It’s not ignorance so much as bigotry. Anyone who gives a damn can look up the facts, or read the constitution and study a little bit of American and world history, but the cultural programming often overrides reality. It happens all the time, everywhere.

    There’s no point in getting angry about it (that’s what they want, you know). Just observe and understand it, and spread the word.

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