Apparently when I’m woken up in the middle of the night and asked to roll on my side because I snore when I sleep on my back I ask, “Which side?”

If you were to believe all the lies told by the anti-gun people about bumping into a shopping cart in the aisle at Safeway causing mass shootings you might expect a different outcome. The most plausible outcome in their world view would seem to be I would just shoot them with the gun next to the bed and continue sleeping on my back.

Perhaps Heinlein was right about being armed and politeness.


3 thoughts on “Politeness

  1. I knew my wife was a life-long convert to the ranks of gun nuts (not just owner/occasional-plinker) when I finally convinced her to go to a local gun show. It was a small one (held in an old Best Buy building that was converted to a convention-type place after BB moved to a bigger building). Took maybe an hour to browse all the tables. She was nervous going in there, but started to relax by the end of the first row, and was thoroughly enjoying herself by the last row (enough so that she agreed to sign up for a year NRA membership). I asked her afterwards what she thought, and she said that, frankly, she was expecting a room full of overalls and gap-toothed Cletuses wandering around spitting streams of tobacco juice all over the place. She said there was ONE guy in overalls that she saw, but for the most part everyone was really friendly and helpful, and the thing she noticed first was how extremely polite everyone was. Someone standing in your way, you’d tap em on the shoulder and say “excuse me, can I check out that handgun?” instead of just barging and shoving like you’d see at any other store. It brought a tear to my eye…cuz that’s exactly how most (there are exceptions) gun folks are. She saw the truth, and is now hooked. Its a revelation that I love seeing dawn on peoples’ faces when they go to their first range or gun show. Gee….ya mean, the media has portrayed us all wrong? Go figger.

  2. Patience is another good word to describe it. Patience is one of the keys to a good life. I believe that politeness is a result of patience, and patience is a result of quiet awareness.

  3. I agree that “an armed society is a polite society” except for this: One needs a majority of the population instilled with basic morals and values for this to work. The Founders talked about our system being designed for a moral people. You can have a system of freedom, so long as most of the population abides by The Golden Rule. The outliers are prosecuted by the authorities, under a Rule of Law, or by the citizens protecting their own by the force of arms. Proof that society as a whole needs to be instilled with a values system for an Armed, Polite society to work? 1) The Hood and 2) The Ummah. Both are well armed societies, but not very good to their fellow man. Neither is imbued with basic Judeo-Christian, Greco-Roman values, so being good to your neighbor is un-valued, and neither is life.

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