There’s an app for that

I received the following email this afternoon:

Subject: Cell phone app where users mark gun free zones

I built a cell phone app called GunFreeZone that allows users to mark and share where gun free zones are and which stores are firearm friendly.  The users can then make the decision whether to patronize that particular business or not.  We launched about a month ago and are just trying to get the word out – if you would like to do a post about the app, I can get you whatever other info you need (if you want graphics and so on).

The website is in case you’re curious.

Thank you very much for your time and response,

John Peden

The website indicates support for Android, iPhone and iPad. And it is free.

Nothing yet for Windows Phones.


2 thoughts on “There’s an app for that

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  2. Sounds like a handy resource for would-be robbers and mass shooters who are looking for the most helpless victims.

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