California will be shall issue in 2014

This would be nice and it seems feasible:

We predict California will be shall issue in 2014 and we think it has much to do with our efforts to secure and clean up the right to carry here in California.

And if I’m reading the post correctly some sharp legal minds also believe it may be possible to have shall issue throughout the nation in June of 2014.

Update January 14, 2014: The above link is dead but this appears to be the same content.

Update February 13, 2014: The court has ruled in our favor!


15 thoughts on “California will be shall issue in 2014

  1. Shall-issue nationwide? Now, THAT would be awesome! I’m still hopeful for national reciprocity….if we accept all 50 states’ (57 states? I forget…and is Pluto still not a planet even though it keeps gaining moons?) drivers’ licenses, why not set a standard of training for concealed carry, and make it nation-wide as well?

    • “why not set a standard of training for concealed carry, and make it nation-wide as well”

      Mainly because the FED will make it so that you have to be so proficient that it will never be allowed… the bar will be set so hi that no one will pass a National test…

      • But with the right case at the SCOTUS, maybe we could get nationwide constitutional carry? Now THAT would be worth celebrating. [insert celebration music here]

      • Nationwide shall issue shouldn’t be at the level of the President’s Hundred, or,only slightly less absurd, only if the applicant qualifies as ex military body guard, and I can see the current administration setting the bar that high.
        Compared with the reciprocity for driver’s licenses, considering the power/force/danger inherent in an auto which is legally considered a deadly weapon (citation to be added later), nationwide carry/reciprocity should be on the same level in terms of testing.

        WAAAAAAAAAAY back when Nixon was still in his first term I took driver’s education and drivers training in high school. We were told that in one of the southern states (I recall it as South Carolina, but I can’t be sure) the drivers test consisted of driving around the block without the examiner in the car. Any nationwide standard should incorporate that level of demonstrated expertise in handling a deadly weapon. Anything more is demagoguery and playing politics.

      • OR…. the states could reactivate the militia. Then the citizenry would get all the training they need……

        Yep…that’ll happen.

  2. If we get nationwide shall-issue, increased reciprocity at the state level will follow.

    The anti-gun states will be faced with a situation where their own citizens will often have greater carry rights in other states than their own. Focus some ad buys in those areas and publicize those facts.

    Ask why NJ, for instance, trusts their citizens less than Virginia does. Do they believe their own citizens are less law-abiding and responsible than Virginians? If not, do they believe there is something about their own state that makes people less responsible within its borders?

    If they trot out Chief LOEs, ask them publicly why the LEOs in the freer states seem to have no problems with even Con Carry. Is it that they are not training their own officers as well as other states, or do they believe their own officers are less competent?

    Hit them with “have you stopped beating your wife” type questions, put them in the spotlight and make them squirm.

  3. So if things work out, we should get Nationwide Carry in June 2014 as a natural follow-on of Heller and McDonald? Or the Supreme Court could reverse itself and declare Heller and McDonald “Bad?” But either way, June 2014 is the Date? Funny. Just so happens to be the time when most of the Election Primaries are Finished, and we get to see who becomes the next Rep or Senator Nomination. Should make for some VERY Interesting Campaigning.

  4. You people concern me, with all this talk of proficiency tests. How long have you been reading this blog? So; you want to bring back the “literacy test” for voting then, too? Remember that? It was a classic. You don’t like the guy who comes up to vote, you hand him a Chinese Newspaper and demand, “Now tell me what this says.”
    “Well, it says I’m not voting today..”

    And what bar to I have to jump over to exercise my right to free speech, or freedom from self incrimination? Hmm? I mean, we can’t just have people exercising their fundamental, God-given rights willy nilly, can we? Hell no. We need standards, right? It’s all for the Common Good, right?

    I thought we had dispatched this line of thinking, over and over and over. Let me try once more. You like the idea of driver’s licenses do you? You may purchase a car without a license, or you may build your own car, and without registering it. It can be any “caliber” (displacement) and have any fuel tank capacity. You may operate a car legally without a license, so long as you do it on private property. Is that enough?

    Well no it isn’t. It used to be only the anti gunners who spoke like that, so I had to put them in their place;
    Before the automobile, and in the early days of the automobile, we had private highways. The government at all levels then really took an interest in road building, and basically took over the highway system. A hundred years later we’re still basing most of our transportation thinking on this system. Because virtually all roads are government maintained, government then tells us that we can’t use their roads unless we have a license. Purely for safety you understand, and who doesn’t’ like safety? Yet it has grown to the point where your driver’s license is now essentially a national ID card. Social Security went the same way. It starts as one thing, and “Oh.. ha ha hee hee ho ho, it will NEVER be used for anything like an ID number or a means of collecting more tax for the general fund. Naw! Are you kidding? Are you crazy? Why, who in their right mind would ever think of such a thing (nod nod, wink wink).”

    And keep in mind the fact that, even now, with all the other idiotic Progressive nonsense, we still don’t have a major political movement to ban cars. We DO have a movement to bad guns and always will, so you think a national “Gun ID” is a good idea? You are kidding yourself. You are still in denial. Hey I know; how about we force gun owners to wear yellow gun logo arm bands? THEN they can carry their guns anywhere they want and everyone is happy right? OK, gun arm bands and a strict qualification course……because on one is against safety don’t you know….which is only held in central North Dakota in January….and costs a thousand dollars…..and is booked solid for five years in advance……and is run by a former DMV worker who was fired for rude behavior…..but hey, it’s national carry and that’s what you all said you wanted. You have your stupid second amendment, so what are you all bitchin’ ’bout?

  5. Who are you calling “you people?” I count two posts that mention any kind of proficiency tests, the second of which effectively being “reach the pedals”.

  6. And we’re all begging to be licensed….to exercise a fundamental right. OK, not “all” of us. Only around 90%. On a pro rights blog. It’s painful but true. It’ll piss you off, but it’s true. I bring it up only to illustrate how far our society has fallen.

    Don’t think so? OK; how would the overwhelming majority of religious people in America respond to the assertion that we need to license the practice of religion? No problem though, we’ll make sure those who get licenses go through a very low bar proficiency test, and we’ll even make it nationwide, AND with full reciprocity. If Christians were like us, why they’d jump for joy and declare victory for religious freedom. Happy days are here again and all that.

    Meanwhile, the Feds just ordered another 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (enough to keep the Iraq war going for 24 years) and over a thousand armored troop carriers for DHS, for use inside the U.S. Do you all understand what’s happening?

    • You demonstrate an appalling lack of history and long-term thinking.

      We haven’t had the carry situation you describe -ever- in our nation’s history, carry rights have been restricted to one group or another since the founding for arbitrary reasons. As a matter of fact, the state of carry rights today is probably the best it has ever been and it keeps getting better.

      Note that we went from no issue in most states to shall-issue in the majority, and perhaps soon all, in a matter of a few decades. Note that in most states carry rights, concealed and open, have continued to improve incrementally after licensing was instituted.

      Note that in three states we have gone from licensed carry to unlicensed carry within a generation, in my home state of Alaska we went from no carry to unlicensed carry in just a decade. Licensed shall-issue first is the only proven method of getting Con Carry. Note that Vermont has it only because of a century old Court ruling. Absent a time machine and cloning those judges (and Vermont’s Constitution) that isn’t a realistic method for the rest of the country.

      So stop with the “no compromises” BS; that isn’t how it works in the real world. The situation is approaching what we all want as an end game, but bitching about it not being there yet and insulting the people who have been actually working the successful playbook, who got us to this point where you can make your ridiculous demands, is counter-productive.

  7. Big fan of CalGuns & the work being done here in CA. The steps they are taking are forming the outline of a national movement to regain our civil rights. However, even if SCOTUS finds in favor of carry rights, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every state or city will recognize it. DC & Chicago are both dragging their heals on what it takes to simply own a firearm after how many years. What we’ll be getting is another hammer to use on gun-grabbers only

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