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Saying the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep a firearm but not bear it outside your home or a gun range is like saying the First Amendment guarantees the right to purchase any book you want but not to read it.


8 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. Good point. Now that you mention it; you shouldn’t be reading books. For what, exactly, are you compensating anyway? There are plenty of experts, willing and ready to make your decisions for you. Why should you be reading and thinking on your own? That, right there, makes you a rebel– a threat.

  2. Another parallel would be that you can practice any government-approved religion, you can assemble in private, and only your literal house and person was secure from search and seizure.

    • “you can assemble in private”

      But only if the land was properly zoned for an assembly.

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  4. Or you can freely associate with anyone provided you provide the local agency with a “Need to Associate” statement 15 days beforehand.

  5. I’ve said it before; If the Second Amendment only applies to the National Guard, the First Amendment only applies to the Government Printing Office.

    • I LIKE that. Good, clean, pithy, on point, used simple words all but the most dubied-up statist could grasp.

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