Gun cartoon of the day


The only thing demonstrated by this cartoon is the artist does not have a clue about the issue, nomenclature, or the scale of various firearms.


7 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. It’s “Horsey.” He is a good cartoonist in the sense that he captures the impression he’s trying to convey fairly well, but his politics are way left of center, and he’s demonstrated his ignorance and hatred of guns, gun culture, gun owners, gun technology, and all other aspects of guns for years on a regular basis. If he could aim his wit at the hypocrisy of the left and politicians and government in general in a more even-handed way, I’d give him the benefit of a doubt. But he is effectively a government propagandist who would feel at home working in Stalin’s PR department, so I won’t.

  2. Like you can walk out of a gun store with that much stuff these days. His loadout would be everything from all three FFL storefronts in my town.

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  4. With the Chicago posse in the WH I wouldn’t feel safe unless I had a tactical nuclear weapon.

  5. He’s one of those incredibly strong “wiry guys”, to be able to carry a big case of ammo under one arm like that, especially with his skinny arms!

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