All you need to know

The anti-gun people keep changing the definition of an “assault weapon”. Is it two or one “evil features”? Does it have 10 or seven round capacity? Does it have to have a pistol grip or just a thumbhole stock?

All you need to know is what the ultimate definition will be. When RebelNOTRacist asked:

Please define for me what you mean by “assault weapon.”

Gail Cornelius candidly responded with:

Anything that is no[t] muzzle loaded.


5 thoughts on “All you need to know

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  2. So, I guess they would have no problem with me using a massive rail mortar to bombard D.C. into rubble?

    Kind of like those giant WWII rail guns used against Sevastopol and Leningrad. They did not have any evil assault weapon features.

  3. “Assault weapon” is a meaningless term. Almost anything can be used, by an ingenious person, as a weapon. Assault itself is an act, so an “assault weapon” could be the candlestick used by Col Mustard in the lounge, or the lead pipe used by miss Scarlett in the kitchen. It’s the taking of my defense weapon that will be the challenge. Are you prepared?

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