Word of the day—compersion

Barb L. and I were chatting with some friends last night and a woman who sometimes teaches classes on various sex techniques used the word compersion in a conversation. I had not heard of it before. The definition is sometimes given as the opposite of jealousy. Or even “a fiery core of passion” at seeing your “significant other” with a lover.

I suppose it is significant that jealousy is a far better known word than its opposite.


1 thought on “Word of the day—compersion

  1. Hmm, well the most negative and destructive forms of jealousy could be defined as a “fiery core of passion” too, so we have to be specific as to the nature of the “passion”.

    When asked what gift I’ve wanted in the past, I’ve been known to respond with something like; “Give what you love so much you want to share it with everyone you love.” I don’t know if that could be said to apply in this case, but I was reminded of it.

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