Super moss!

On November 11th Barb L. and I went on a hike to Wallace Falls. As usual it was an interesting hike. The falls are very pretty. The elevation gain is 1200 feet which is noticeable but not extreme. The trail starts out very wide and easy but gradually gets more difficult. Plan on spending about a half day to get in, enjoy the view, and back out. It takes about two hours each direction. A little than that getting in and a little less getting out if you don’t spend too much time resting and admiring the view. Take water (we didn’t and were sorry) and perhaps a snack.

On the way out my left knee started aching (from old tennis injuries) and it required some ibuprofen for a few days afterward.

This is in the Cascades and the area gets a lot of rainfall. I took some pictures of the moss to which Barb exclaimed, “Super Moss!” Yeah, I guess you could say that:




The trail goes beyond the upper falls but hikers are strongly cautioned to be prepared if you continue:



There were of course other interesting things to take pictures of:

Middle Falls

Upper Falls