Shelley Rae: On Target with ESS Boomershoot Vol. 3

This is the third in the series of ESS Boomershoot videos. At about 1:30 in the video watch the trace from the bullet arc into the boomer for a detonation. Very cool.

From the YouTube page for this video:

Boomershoot: In the high Palouse of northern Idaho for one long weekend in April, the ground heaves with explosions and precision rifle and AR enthusiasts put their aim to the test.

That’s a good description. Perhaps “rumbles with explosions” or “vibrates with explosions” would be better than “heaves” but there is some ground heaving too.

There is also Volume 1 and Volume 2 in the series.

As I have said before ESS makes good stuff. They gave me a couple pair of their glasses and I use them whenever I need eye protection or even sunglasses.

Barron also has some comments on the video.


3 thoughts on “Shelley Rae: On Target with ESS Boomershoot Vol. 3

  1. GREAT bullet trace shots. Now when someone asks what it looks like (what to look for) you can show them. Very nice.

  2. Top tip: If you press “6” on the keyboard, it will fast forward to the 60% mark… which just so happens to coincide with 1-2s before the arcing bullet video segment.

  3. After watching with my 4 yr. old daughter a few time (“I want to watch it again daddy!”) she left the room chanting “Boomershoot, boomershoot…”

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