ASSAULTED: civil rights under fire

I met with and talked to people from Dead Patriots Films last night. This is the project they are currently working on:

When the subject of California’s gun control laws are discussed, rarely are they associated with the civil rights movement and the quest for equal rights for all. This film will compare the historical aspects of gun control targeting the indigenous tribes of North America and emancipated slaves through the Jim Crow era to today’s laws that favor elitists and denies the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the most vulnerable in our society.

The film takes a critical look at the original intent of the current California guns laws in contrast with crime and murder statistics before and since their implementation; and compares these laws to those of the adjacent states. Story threads also look at the myriad of concealed carry permitting processes across the state to illustrate that not all residents are treated equal.

A few minutes ago I donated $200 to help make this film a reality. Please consider donating. There are only four more days left to reach their goal.


3 thoughts on “ASSAULTED: civil rights under fire

  1. 593 – Backers, $42,344 pledged of $65,000 goal, 54 hours to go…
    Not sure if it will make it to fully backed.

  2. Email from kickstarter Thu, October 4, 2012 9:51 am
    Subject: Project Update #11: ASSAULTED by Kris Koenig

    T Minus 12 Hours
    Looks like we have made our goal!

    Thank you all for your pledges and support, but I ask you to take the next few hours
    and tell friend about our project and get them to donate, too. Every dollar over
    the goal helps the project. We have to pay a commission to Kickstarter and Amazon so
    the project net is 9% less the gross – that a sizable chunk of change that we won’t
    have for the project.

    For those that joined the project in the past 24-hours. We have asked everyone to
    “double and match” – double your pledge and have a friend match you. That way we
    will ensure enough headroom to adjust to those that cancel or reduce their pledges
    to stay atop our goal.

    Thank you!

    So, let’s beat the goal, more actually is better. -Boyd K

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