I wonder who

Adam Winkler whines:

Without impassioned grassroots financing, the nation’s gun control organizations are struggling to stay afloat. Just a few months ago, the founder of one gun control advocacy group told me she’d run out of money and was expecting to shutter soon.

I wonder who that is. That would be a demise worth celebrating.

The thing is that organizations typically get quieter and quieter and just slowly fade away and no one really notices when they turn off the lights for the last time and disconnect the last telephone.


5 thoughts on “I wonder who

  1. What is the ratio of pro-rights commenters versus anti-gun commenters at Ms. Joan Peterson’s blog these days? Still about 2 anti-gun, all the others pro-rights, just like it was a year ago?

    Where would the world of anti-gun blogging be without those two commenters?

  2. “only in that I can’t write an obit unless I know what organization died.”

    Which ones were founded by women?

  3. @TS, I don’t know of any well known anti-gun organizations founded by women that are still in existence. The “Million Mom March” was absorbed by the Brady Campaign years ago. It is probably some state or even city based organization that never had more than one paid staff member.

    You would think that anti-gun organizations founded by women would be as ironic as those founded by Jews but my experience is that women and effeminate men (men in general with tendencies toward female appearances, I’m NOT implying that I think Jewish men tend to have female characteristics) are very common in anti-gun organizations.

    I suspect this is because they look up to the most powerful for their protection rather than depending on themselves for there security needs. And the state appears more powerful than individuals. Hence state disarmament of those that might challenge the power of the state is viewed as increasing their security.

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