Nothing says ‘please don’t rape me’ like hollow-points

An Idaho women used  gun to prevented her own rape twice in the span of a few days:

Twin Falls police were called to the woman’s house shortly after midnight Thursday and again Saturday afternoon to reports that two different men had broken into the home.

The woman told police a man rang the doorbell early Friday, asked her name and then said: “I’m here for you,” before forcing his way into the house.

The woman said the man chased her through the house. She went into the bedroom to grab a 9 mm gun, but the man grabbed the weapon. The gun went off during the struggle. No one was injured, but she said the man fled.

The woman also fired a shot Saturday and held the uninjured man at gunpoint until police arrived, court records said.

According to one report:

The woman called police several times as her house was broken into.

The police can’t always protect you even if you do get a call through to them as you are being attacked.

Another report says the gun she used with the first guy was taken by the intruder:

Police say a shot was fired during the struggle, but it didn’t hit her or the intruder. The wife says the man then took the gun from her and fled the home.

It is good thing that she had a second gun and/or there wasn’t a waiting period to purchase a replacement.

Had she known the whole story a week earlier she might have prevented the attacks with a divorce lawyer:

An Idaho man is charged with soliciting men to rape his wife through a posting in the “casual encounters” section of Craigslist.

Prosecutors say that without his wife’s knowledge or consent, the man posted a classified ad posing as a woman who fantasized about being raped, and then exchanged emails with the men who responded to arrange the assaults.

But 20/20 foresight isn’t an option. Multiple jacketed hollow-points are.


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