Winning example 2

New shooter Julie from last week and her mother invited me out to dinner on Sunday night. Julie said she wanted to go shooting again—soon!

We went to the range again last night and she shot 200+ rounds through my Ruger Mark II. I had her doing timed drills such as a modified Bill Drill. From the first timed exercise to the last she cut her time, while getting equivalent hits, by about 25%.

As I was giving her a ride to the bus stop she asked about the laws in regards to purchasing and carrying a firearm. She expressed puzzlement as I told her about Seattle (where she lives) law banning the carrying of non firearm guns (including Airsoft and slingshots) but real guns are okay. But for the most part didn’t see significant obstacles to her getting a gun of her own.

Today she sent me a text message asking for a link to buy cheap ammo online.

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