Think of the children!

From Mike at work:

I brought my then youngest (who is now the middle) daughter to the range at 8-years old and she absolutely loved it.  Safe gun handling was taught at least a week before we went.  By the time we were at the range she knew what to do and had respect for the rifle.  To this day she still asks me “when are we going to that range?”  Check out her “straight and off the trigger” finger.


Here are pictures of Mike:


More pictures of Lily:


From looking at these pictures the thought occurs to me that if our opponents were smart enough they may actually have had a rational reason for banning rifles with “collapsible” (length adjustable) stocks. This makes it more difficult for the young to shoot. Even if they didn’t think it through it is a good argument against such restrictions. Hence our side could and should demand, “Think of the children!”

6 thoughts on “Think of the children!

  1. She needs a collapsible stock AR-22! Or a Cricket or similar gun!

    Makes this old heart sing!

    I can’t wait until my grandson is old enough!

  2. I watched a guy and his young son shoot at the local indoor range. The kid was so short that with the target mounted in its usual position, the kid’s shots were going into the ceiling instead of downrange into the bullet trap. I pointed it out to the guy and he lowered the kid’s targets to the bottom edge of the frame.

  3. For $65 on sale at Walmart a few years back I purchased a single shot Marlin Youth Model 22LR, and mounted a $29 scope on it. After about 100 rounds, the trigger smoothed out quite well and the rifle became a great training device for my children.

    The short stock fit them very well, and their tiny fingers had less trouble than mine loading those itsy bitsy 22LRs into the chamber one at a time.

    Collapsible stocks are great, especially for a .223 AR, but a “custom” gun designed and built for the size of the shooter is just as useful.

  4. Yep, Lily received a pink Cricket rifle for Christmas that year (2008). She has put some rounds through it and it fits her well.

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