Never mind that just direct me to Gault’s Gulch

Atlas Shrugged Part 2 is being filmed and you could be an extra if you help out with their social media efforts:

So, what do you need to do to get on set? You need to get busy…

  1. Follow us on Twitter and retweet any of our tweets.
  2. Like us on facebook and share any of our posts.

The more you tweet and share, the more chance you have to be cast so, tweet and share early and often.

We’ll be selecting an extra this Friday afternoon and flying the selectee and a guest to LA this coming Monday, May 14th – all expenses paid. Or, most expenses anyway – flight and hotel for two nights.

I’m going to be busy with other things on Monday and I don’t really pay much attention to Facebook anyway. I just want to know where I can find Gault’s Gulch.

6 thoughts on “Never mind that just direct me to Gault’s Gulch

  1. I wasn’t too impressed by the first movie. the actual filmography was great, the plot was just to disjointed.

  2. Yeah. You pretty much had to have read the book to understand what was going on.

    I liked the movie but I have read the book twice.

  3. @PT: I, too, wasn’t impressed with first movie, other than stellar cinematography of mountainous Colorado.

    In fact, I have yet to finish the movie because the bad acting was distracting. Crummy screenplay. Poor writing. Then again, I find Atlas Shrugged to be a poorly written book.

    Atlas Shrugged — Like book, like movie: great concept; weak delivery.

  4. @Sarah Conner, Making Gault’s Gulch is non-trival, would require a lot of money, and without the near complete isolation provided by the invisibility shield would not be particularily useful. And if such a place were created discussing it on the open Internet would be completely off the list of things I would do.

  5. @Sarah this was a topic of discussion around the Seattle Area in LP circles back in the 90’s (could be now for all I know it’s at least a fun trip of whimsy) At the time quite a few folks in my field had pretty good money and the rest of us thought we soon would and the problem of course is government. Government has had far to long to discover and claim every square inch of arable land. A couple folks I knew back then have moved to central america and leave fairly peaceful and prosperous lives, last I heard. But they also don’t act out of the main stream for their societies. If they possess guns, they’re extremely private about it (and live with low probability extremely high exposure risk). If they want to publish newsletters, they don’t. Landsea’s fun but… it’s not possible to produce food at scale on water. hmm, there I go again. It’s a whimsical exercise imo

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