High Praise for Windows 8

From John at work. We are both working on Windows 8. Occasionally we will complain about some problem or another we have run into with the prerelease bits we are dealing working with.

This morning he sent out some email:

I don’t know what all the Windows 8 bashing is about the new UI is clearly superior: 


Obviously he is correct. As Greg (at work) pointed out, “This is a much more pleasing shade of blue.”

6 thoughts on “High Praise for Windows 8

  1. While that is a pleasant shade of… aquamarine(?) it just doesn’t seem right for a BSOD, somehow.

  2. Interesting…. I recently installed a consumer release of windows 8 on an old Optiplex chassis, with a fairly new SATA laptop drive inside of it.
    A client had two machines with possibly bad hard drives, so I connected this drive to each of her two machines (four year old
    HP laptop, 1.5 yr old HP desktop), and it booted fine on each. Except for a very special XP Ghost image I constructed seven years ago,
    have yet to see a drive preloaded with a Windows installation migrate so easily from computer to computer.

  3. An emoticon? Really?

    I see the person who came up with “clippy” and that little dog is still working there….

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