What the World Needs

There was an article in a recent issue of Guns and Ammo Magazine about what gun products the various gun writers would like to see.  Most of the suggestions were for re-issues of favorite old gun models.

Here’s what we really need though– A variable power Intermediate Eye Relief (IER or “Scout”) scope with an illuminated reticle.  I see that Leupold now has a variable Scout scope in their VXII series, but without illumination.  Some of the big optics retailers show it for sale, but I can’t find it on Leupold’s web site.  If I had to choose, I’d take the illuminated reticle over the variable power though.  A fixed 3x or even 4x would be just dandy.

Trijicon has it figured out.  The illuminated reticles in their ACOG series are just the ticket for fast target acquisition.  You use them like a reflex sight with both eyes at close range, for speed, and their fixed 4x models are good out to farther than most people will shoot. (See Bindon Aiming Concept, or BAC)  Trijicon doesn’t make an IER version of the ACOG, else that would be the end of the discussion.  Something like that mounted low on an M1A with the M8 rail would rock, I tell you.  That scope would also be just the ticket for the dangerous game hunting market, for them that likes optics.

With more options available for forward mounted optics, and with Ruger jumping in with their new Scout rifle, there is no doubt a market for such an animal.  I see that in the sub 100 dollar range (complete with rings) the Chinese companies have an illuminated Scout scope, but the world needs a really good one, made in a really good country, like this one.  A couple guys from NightForce Optics came over and we spoke about it, but they didn’t seem to be terribly excited.  Maybe I didn’t do enough convincing.

Let’s see it, World.  I (and my customers) want a ~1x to ~4x IER scope with a ~32 to ~40 mm objective, with something like Trijicon’s illuminated chevron and some vertical range ticks.  Ready…..Go!

3 thoughts on “What the World Needs

  1. I would buy TWO variable power, illuminated reticle IER scopes upon issue. I’d pre-order if they were made by Nightforce!

    I have one of NF’s 2.5-10x32mm scopes and it is as bright as my 50mm Leupold!

  2. +1 what RickR said. I have a NF 2.5-10x32mm lighted reticle on my AR and it’s the bees knees. A setup like Joe mentioned in the last sentence on top of a scout rifle would be hard to beat.

  3. This post got me looking at those Trijicon Accupoint scopes, been planning to get a CZ bolt action rifle soon. Better start saving some more lol

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