Public lands to remain open to recreational shooters

I find it interesting that the most anti-gun president ever has a strong tendency to run scared from any confrontation with gun owners. The draft regulation to ban shooters from many public lands will apparently be completely dropped (via email from Daniel at work):

The Obama administration says it will not restrict recreational shooting on public lands, reversing a draft policy that had caused an uproar among gun owners and hunters, especially in the West.

In a memo sent Wednesday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said he would direct his agency to “take no further action to develop or implement” the draft policy, which would have restricted target shooting on some public lands near residential areas.

I wonder if Obama has some plan for implementing this “under the radar”. Or is he just going to maintain as low a profile as possible on gun issues?

No response yet from The Brady Campaign, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, or the Violence Policy Center. Perhaps someone should check on them to make sure they don’t start looking longingly at their bottle of whiskey and bottle of sleeping pills.

1 thought on “Public lands to remain open to recreational shooters

  1. One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of anti-gun people is that they seem to have a guilty conscience, or something: as if they fear that they have done things or are doing things for which they deserve to get shot. The school board in this county sits behind armor when they meet, for example.

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